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An additional thought / note on Walker Rettburg:


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I also want to note that the language Walker Rettburg uses to critique the normativity of the app is normative. In her own way, Walker Rettburg offers another “strong cultural understanding of sex” particularly in her comparison to “traditional pornography” and in her focus on “emotions during lovemaking” or bodily functions (blood and arousal) (72). They are grossly normative (and sex negative) because, much like the app, she has formed a ‘good sex’ (emotional lovemaking) / ‘bad sex’ (loud, hard sex) binary (see Gayle Rubin’s “Thinking Sex“). If we want our “quantifiable selves” to be accurately, we have to start queering the way we approach, write, and (re-)create normative discourses and expectations, or much will continue to be “left out” (73).

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