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Thinking about Jill Walker Rettburg’s “Quantified Selves”, I came across a link on twitter to a tech article about the i.Con Smart Condom. According to the article (here), the condom connects to an “app for all your data visualization needs” (np). This March 2017 development answers Walker Rettburg’s concerns abscreen-shot-2017-03-03-at-2-07-32-pmout wearable sex-tracking devices to further quantify the self: “imagine specialised appendages that could be plugged into a smartphone and worn on or inserted into bodies to measure other aspects of sex than thrusts and decibels” (73).

I wonder to what extent technology will go to quantify the body. But also, my initial critique and questions about ableism remain as the i.Con is a cis-normative, penetrative device that measures sex for individuals with particular sex practices and particular bodies.


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