This is Theresa Kenney‘s Selfie/Culture Commonplace Book for CSCT 708, Winter 2017. It is a complication of ongoing research observations, materials, and (class) notes for the term. However, it also a project inspired by the #100SELFIEDAYS challenge.

Rather than 100 selfies, one selfie will accompany each contribution to the site. At least one of the selfies posted per week will be from the day of the seminar and the rest will be from the day of the post. The site is composed of six categories, which are identifiable by colour (filters) and tags.

#Reflection – Weekly reflections on readings, seminar discussion, etc.
Re-Posts – A posting of my weekly discussion assignments
Cyber Cross-Stitch – External links and/or findings over the term with brief thoughts
Quoted – Research outside of class and (some) summaries of readings
Brainstorm – Work related to final paper assignment
#Unique – Additional thoughts, positions, links, or findings over the term that do not fit the other (above) categories